Banana Girls!

A pretty corn and zucchini salad from last week

It’s been a couple of weeks again since my last post. I completed a good 6 day round of non-stop fruiting but then the wheels fell off again. Then did a few days here and there 100% and others where we ate out for lunch or dinner…found a new Indian vegetarian restaurant and went to the new Native Foods in Santa Monica mmm.

So today I started my first day of Freelee’s 30 Day Banana Girl Diet Challenge on Facebook! I thought I’d give it a go since it would be nice to go past 2 weeks on 811 and good to have the motivation of a couple of thousand other banana girls trying their best! The goal is to record daily what you ate, exercise, sleep and water in keeping with high-carb raw vegan and minimal fats. I’m going to try and do this month with no overt fats and see if it makes any difference. Only hiccup will be my parents coming over at the end of the month for holidays which may make things tough!

Today’s cronometer recordings were:

Breakfast: 1 ltr orange juice
Lunch: 6 bananas, 12 dates & 3 cups of spinach
Dinner: 4 bananas, 12 dates
Snack: bowl of grapes

Exercise: 8k tough canyon run
Sleep: 8 hours
Water: 3 ltrs

Total calories: 3249!

To me that seems like a good amount of calories and yet by 8pm I am feeling hungry again! The only way I’ve found to get past this is to just go to bed haha. A lot of the advice given on 811 is to eat more but I just don’t think it’s always the case. By the morning I won’t be hungry at all so I guess that says something.

I’m kind of hoping to get into a better groove before the weather starts to get cooler. It’s been 6 months of trying with periods of success and times where I’ve felt like giving up. Ultimately I hope oneday to be 100% and experiencing a true detox and the long term benefits that come with the raw lifestyle :-)

xox R

Don’t stop don’t give up!

The fruit table is still going strong!

Yes the famous words from Yo Gabba Gabba…keep trying :) That’s what I’ve been doing. I haven’t blogged in so long. I think a combination of feeling like a bit of a failure every other week and the fact that what started out being a raw recipe blog quickly turned into a how can I succeed eating exclusively fruit and greens for the rest of my life blog.

Sometimes I feel like finding 80/10/10 was both a blessing and a curse. Every since trying to eat this way back in February the last 5 months have been a constant struggle to maintain some sort of acceptance/normalcy with how I see this diet. You would think that if it proved too difficult for me to maintain then I would give it up and move onto something I can manage but you see once you start it’s very hard to stop. I know how good it feels when you stick to it and yet I hardly ever go beyond 5 days before eating something cooked.

I’ve read many forums and blogs about the reasons why people can’t stick to 811. The usual conclusion is that you’ve under carbed and not eaten enough calories to sustain yourself long term. But I know this isn’t true in my case. I have counted the calories and I am always well within my daily range, often way beyond. I truly think the main reason I fail is because I want to! I want to eat cooked food. I like eating out! I also have a slight battle with the whole concept and think that diets like Engine 2 are equally as valid. Yet for me personally I still don’t feel my best eating low fat vegan. Grains and cooked veg just don’t feel as good…it’s gotta be Raw!

So every week I start over. I am on day 2 AGAIN! I’ve had a fresh orange juice, banana/spinach smoothie and a big bowl of cherries. I’ll probably have another huge green smoothie and a watermelon after I complete today’s leg session of Body Beast (the new system from Beach Body). Oh yes I will be Beasty! I’m still running but taking it pretty conservatively. I’ve always found the best noticeable results have come from a very varied workout routine that includes weight lifting so I’m really enjoying the new program.

Anyway I thought I’d jump in and write about how I’m going. There are lots of blogs about people succeeding on 80/10/10 and I’m not one of them. So if you want to read about someone sucking at it…this is the place! :P

Bye for now <3




8 mile

The last time I ran 8 miles it was the beginning of new knee pain to add to my list of aches and pains associated with running. Today I ran the same route again with no shoes and was pain free and could have kept on running longer! Pace was decent at 9.13 avg. compared to my pace last time of 8.35 with shoes. I’m starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel and that I could definitely get back to and even improve on my old times. The only thing holding me back a little from going faster was I had a couple of blisters from the last really hot afternoon, otherwise joints and muscularly I was feeling great. I’m amazed at the improvement I’ve made just in 7 weeks of barefooting…from a starting pace of around 13.00-15.00 to back in the mid 8.00s!

IT band is working wonders…the only downside being I’m getting a tan line on my thigh and sweat tends to drip down my leg the whole time but at least I don’t have the dreaded white feet and ankles from wearing shoes!

Fueled on 2 big glasses of orange juice, a very awesome way to start the day :)

make it a Good Friday

It’s not Friday yet but back home in Australia it’s Good Friday and all the Easter celebrating Aussies will be off eating a big seafood lunch. This is the our second Easter being vegan and I don’t miss eating fish or milk chocolate (yikes what a combination! lol), actually far from it, I was sitting eating dinner tonight thinking about how sad it is that people celebrate the day by dropping land animals (yay for cows!) but gorge themselves on every poor little creature you can pull from the sea. People in Sydney (where we once lived) line up early for hours at the fish market to get parking and buy the best prawns, fish, mussels etc for their Good Friday lunches. So tonight I thought how sorry I am this Friday of every year I was involved in consuming not one or part of an animal but multiple bodies on my plate and can only be happy that it will never happen again :)

And my bowl tonight could hardly contain it’s contents…I had a monster appetite and lettuce was just not going to cut it. Delicious little roasted potatoes accompanied my salad. I’ve decided that the best alternative if I feel like something more than just raw fruit and veggies is to have a serving of rice, potatoes, lentils, quinoa etc. I’ve found myself just not feeling like eating any nuts or avocado and even dates anymore so if I feel the urge to eat something else I’m just going to stick to low fat high carb. I seem to feel better eating this way even if it’s not 100% raw than consuming extra fat or dehydrated raw foods and it’s only usually at dinner as I’m happy to eat fruit until then!

Ok after putting away that huge meal I need to keep moving! lol :D


Sweepin the Clouds Away

I just went for my best barefoot run ever! Beautiful sunny day which helps because the paths are nice and warm. Did 5 miles at an average pace of 8:55 and my best split was 8:30! I’m learning so much and making small distinctions every time I go out to produce a better and more comfortable running style. It’s amazing the subtle adjustments made and a mile or so in and something just clicks (and bonus not my hip!) where it feels so natural and freeing to move yourself forward.

I’m still having to work on my down hill form but I really tried to relax today and just let myself roll down the hill. I tend to want to put the breaks on but I think that is what has aggravated my knee since moving here. I wore an IT band on my leg today and that definitely helped. I can still feel some sensation near the knee but it’s not the point where when I was running in shoes and I had to stop and stretch. Self diagnosing here (because no one else could!) I think it’s IT band syndrome which would explain the pain in the hip too…it’s all connected. But feeling great after this run, no pain and just icing as a precaution, barefooting definitely seems to be working for me! And the extra little oomph in speed and the hills and wind on the way back I got an awesome workout :D

I love sitting outside every day to eat in the sun. There is something so nice about eating fruit in the sunshine. Today I had yummy green smoothie :)

Looking forward to more fun in the sun!

Juicy Cleanse 4-5/10

Well half way through this “cleanse” and I think it’s pretty much safe to say I suck at this! lol I’ve eaten 2 salads today, smoothies and juice. The reality for us is we are so busy with work, 2 crazy kids and exercising that I don’t really have the luxury of taking it easy and sitting around sipping juice. On this fruit diet you need high calories…I’d say for me a  minimum of 3000 per day and it’s too hard to get that from just juice. I could smoothie up all the fruits but then it’s really defeating the purpose of a cleanse!

Jon's "Very Berry Blast"

I’m really happy just eating the fruit and salads and compared to a cooked diet I consider it cleansing enough. Maybe one day when my kids move out and I have nothing else to do I’ll consider trying a fast but until then I need energy and a lot of it! I like to give my work-outs all I’ve got and I’m just not trading that in for juice…811 is restrictive enough.

So I think I’ll call it quits on this experiment :) I did P90X chest & back today and completed 350 push-ups including diamond, decline, hindu, military, wide fly and standard and felt stronger than ever! I’m going to keep giving 811 my best and see where it takes me. Til next time! <3 R

Juicy Cleanse 3-4/10

Days 3 and 4 and still on a juice mission! Cheated yesterday when we went to Whole Foods to pick up some more fruits and veggies and bought a big box of kale salad. It was so good and no fat so I don’t feel too bad. Still filling up on green smoothies and also added a smoothie Jon likes to make and named “berry blast” lol bananas, acai berries and I think a punnet of mulberries or blueberries…beautiful dark purple, it is a great pick-me-up in the afternoon!

Brunch - bananas and spinach

Feeling 100% better from the other day. Went for a nice barefoot run yesterday instead of legs & back. Knocked out 5.25 miles on footpaths…the distance was fine on my knee/hip but my soles felt a little bit battered by the end of it. Funnily enough even though they feel on the verge of blisters by the next day they are fine again.

Pear, cucumber & lime

Pineapple & orange

I’ve made some really yummy juices. Yesterday we had Bartlett pear and asian pear and a big pineapple and orange juice. This morning I made a Beurre Bosc pear, cucumber and lime juice…so good! I’ve been keeping the combinations pretty simple as I think it’s better on digestion. One of my favs is orange and celery! I have been wondering whether juicing is good or not as naturally we wouldn’t juice a fruit and discard the pulp, you would eat it in its entirety. There is also the matter of the fiber slowing the digestion and therefore slowing the release of sugar into the blood stream, although I don’t seem to notice any effects after drinking fruit juice.

Speaking of sugar highs…I was really surprised to see a whole article about fruit in this month’s LA Sports & Fitness mag “Crazy Nutrition Advice Circulating in the Gym” where it debunks the myth that eating “too much” fruit is bad and especially not good for weight loss. It goes on to explain the way the body converts fructose to glycogen…muscle tissue doesn’t have the necessary enzymes to convert fructose to muscle glycogen and the liver has to do this job, however the liver can only store a limited amount of glycogen. Fruit would only be stored as fat when there is an excessive amount of glucose already available in the body which applies to all other carbohydrates. Also quotes a study from Metabolism Journal May 2011 “For weight loss achievement, an energy-restricted moderate natural fructose diet was superior to a low-fructose diet.” which was the only study conducted to date that used natural fructose from fruit rather than concentrate. It’s nice to see some REAL information being printed in mainstream media! Anyway, I haven’t seen any fat fruitarians  :P

The Easter Bunny came early to our house :)

Juicy Cleanse Day 2/10

Today was tough. I woke up feeling so tired and that feeling pretty much continued all day. Foggy, demotivated and blah! I tried to drink a lot of juice to keep me upright but it didn’t seem to help me not to feel so hungry.

Enjoyed a watermelon juice :D Also had lots of orange, grapefruit and cucumber. Had a very green kale, cucumber and citrus juice. I used to make a lot of green juices containing no fruits when we first started out on raw but now I think I prefer the sweet juices with just a little green and eat all my greens in salads and smoothies.

Today was just P90X2 Yoga. I enjoy this session a lot more than the old P90X yoga tape. Lucky it wasn’t too intense…I don’t think I could have handled much more today. Tomorrow is legs and back so I hope I regain some energy!

Cravings are pretty strong today also. It’s probably due to a bit of calorie restriction but also toxic hunger because the longest we went on 811 without breaking it was 2 weeks. It’s no where near long enough to see the full benefits of 811 and I have been eating cooked food at least once a week since then. I’m curious to see if there will be any change after this week. :)

Juicy Cleanse Day 1/10

I recently bought a copy of Jeff Sekerak’s book The Super-Fit Vegan and felt inspired to do a short 10 day cleanse to try and once and for all strip my system of cooked food cravings. We’ve still been about 85-90% on 811 but after a week of a few too many good times :P including sushi, wine, PIZZA! lol I really started to feel crappy and I don’t want to feel crappy! I thought maybe it’s ok to have a meal out once a week and it wouldn’t effect me and eating right the majority of the time would be enough but it just doesn’t work. Why eat all this great raw, enzyme rich food and then go clog your system up with rice and tofu a few days later SILLY! I just need to be patient and detox from all these things I’ve been letting stop me from achieving my goal of a complete raw fruit diet.

So I’m just juicing for most meals and adding a couple of green smoothies (banana, spinach & water) per day mainly because I have so many bananas and I don’t want to waste them! Plus I’m not slowing down on my training so it won’t hurt to have the extra calories. I know my calorie intake overall will be down for 10 days but I’m hoping to get around 1700-2000.  With the Hurom juicer (which is a masticating juicer) I get a lot of the pulp with the juice so it helps slow the release of sugar into the blood stream but discards enough to give my digestive system a break. Once the 10 days are over I’ll go back to whole fruit, a large salad, dates/raisins and a small amount of nuts.

This cleanse isn’t far removed from how I normally eat when eating 811 except I’ll be cutting out more fat and not caving into sushi at the end of the week! :P I’m only going to juice fruits and tender green leaves because I tend to want to stick to eating vegetables I could eat a lot of at one sitting raw rather than things such as carrots and broccoli or harder leaves like kale which are tougher to digest in their whole form. Also veggies are lower in calories than fruit and I still need lots of energy!

Today I made 3 big juices, one citrus/cucumber for breakfast, a greener celery, spinach & orange for lunch and apple, celery and oranges for dinner. 2 big servings of green smoothie as well and I’m actually really full! I also did a big workout of P90X Arms & Shoulders, AbRipperX and 100 pushups. Taking the day off running because my soles are slightly tender from doing Insanity barefoot on carpet lol but I think it’s helping strengthen the skin doing everything barefoot! (we’ve ordered a wet vacuum to keep the carpets clean :D ) Might try and incorporate some Super-Fit Vegan body-weight exercises in to my routine also, even just some hindu squats and mountain climbers.

I logged everything into cronometer to see how it went. It’s a bit inaccurate because I had to log some of the fruit in whole rather than juiced but it’s handy to see the fat, protein, carb breakdown. I think 10 days of this and I’ll be set to really give myself and 811 a real chance!