I took Christmas as an opportunity to try all the fake meat things I found the other day and thought it would be a bit of fun recreating a roast dinner and lunch! Even though I’ve never eaten a lot of these substitute products I can’t help but trying them at least once and Whole Foods had a lot of things I’d never seen before. I’m also digging in because in a few days time I’m recommitting and going back on Raw so I thought I’d try all these crazy vegan foods!

First up was Christmas Eve and I baked a Hazelnut Cranberry Roast En Croute by Field Roast and served it with roasted potatoes, steamed greens and onion sage gravy. This was by far the best at-home vegan meat product I’ve tried. The pastry was nice and light and it didn’t dry out either. I’d actually buy this one again and keep it by in the freezer in case I felt like having a cooked meal.

Christmas Lunch was a Whole Vegan Turkey by Vegetarian Plus. As soon as I saw it I had to give it a go, and while it came with both stuffing and gravy, I just couldn’t get past the texture of the “turkey” itself…it was kind of spongy though it tasted ok.

To accompany the turkey I made roasted veg and brussel sprouts sauteed in a bit of olive oil, garlic, white wine and flaked almonds.  I also made a stuffing of apples, fennel & capers found on Daily Garnish. I used a ciabatta instead and it was pretty good!

To finish lunch I made a pecan pie recipe found on That’s So Vegan. I made this the day before and just refrigerated it. I was a nice pie! although I think it may have been better eaten on the day or at least brought back to room temperature? Anyway, served with some vegan ice cream was delish.


And to end Christmas I had bought these frozen vegan seafood products. If you’ve ever had crumbed calamari from a fish & chip shop these are pretty close to it! The fish fillets were the least seafood like of them and the prawns were not bad either.

Now all I have to do is stop hunting around the supermarket for new and exciting vegan specialty products (oh and maybe go running for 3hrs straight haha!)

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